VIAME is a computer vision application designed for do-it-yourself artificial intelligence including object detection, object tracking, image mosaicing, stereo measurement, image/video search, image/video annotation, rapid model generation, and tools for the evaluation of different algorithms. Originally targetting marine species analytics, it now contains many common algorithms and libraries, and is also useful as a generic computer vision library. The core infrastructure connecting different system components is currently the KWIVER library, which can connect C/C++, python, and matlab nodes together in a graph-like pipeline architecture. Alongside the pipelined image processing system are a number of standalone tools for accomplishing the above. Both a desktop and web version exists for deployments in different types of environments.

This manual is synced to the VIAME ‘master’ branch and is updated frequently, you may have to press ctrl-F5 to see the latest updates to avoid using your browser cache of this webpage.