VIAME is a computer vision library designed to integrate several image and video processing algorithms together in a common distributed processing framework, majorly targeting marine species analytics. As it contains many common algorithms and compiles several other popular repositories together as a part of its build process, VIAME is also useful as a general computer vision toolkit. The core infrastructure connecting different system components is currently the KWIVER library, which can connect C/C++, python, and matlab nodes together in a graph-like pipeline architecture. Alongside the pipelined image processing system are a number of standalone utilties for model training, output detection visualization, groundtruth annotation, detector/tracker evaluation (a.k.a. scoring), image/video search, and rapid model generation.

This manual is synced to the VIAME ‘master’ branch and is updated frequently, you may have to press ctrl-F5 to see the latest updates to avoid using your browser cache of this webpage.